Highrise Buildings

an experiment with the array modifyerThis is an image I created as a wallpaper for a good friend of me. He told me: “Hey! Julian. Can you create a nice desktop wallpaper for me? I will pay you!” And I answered: “Yes, of course I do, but you don’t need to pay me!”

What I’m want to tell you: To do 3D art doesn’t mean to just earn money. It’s more. I do 3D art to see the smile and the happiness in the face of my viewers. This makes me proud.

But now to the picture:

This is a building I created with using the “ARRAY MODIFIER”. This means, that you’re just creating on floor, and you simulate the other floors with the “ARRAY MODIFIER”. If use the function of BLENDER right, the result can be awesome!

This is anonther highrise building I made while watching the TUTORIAL from a really great BLENDER artist, Andrew Price, who’s website is called BLENDERGURU.COM

If you want to see the process of animating this building, I prepared a little photo track for you.


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